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Starting From 3699 Yuan! Xiaomi8 Exploration Version Into The Network: Full Transparent Body Design
Jul 17, 2018

Friends who have seen the Xiaomi 8 conference are no strangers to the machine. The biggest difference between the Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version and the Xiaomi 8 is that the mobile phone is equipped with a transparent back cover. The back of the fuselage is completely transparent and can be clearly seen from the back. The internal structure of the mobile phone, the various electrical components are clearly visible, making the mobile phone full of the beauty of technology.


In addition to the transparent back cover, Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version is Android's first 3D structured light face recognition mobile phone, and is also equipped with the world's first pressure sensitive screen fingerprint recognition function. Other configurations are the same as Xiaomi 8, equipped with Snapdragon 845 processor, supplemented by 8GB+128GB memory combination, rear 12 million zoom dual camera, running the latest MIUI10 system, built-in small love classmate AI voice assistant.

xiaomi 8.jpg

In terms of price, Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version 8GB+128GB price 3699 yuan, will be released in the middle and late July, it is expected that the purchase may have a certain degree of difficulty, do you like this Xiaomi true flagship?

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