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RMB 2,396 Yuan! Nokia 7.1 Release: Snapdragon 636 Supports 400GB Expansion
Oct 08, 2018

Appearance, Nokia 7.1 adopts a relatively conservative style, using double-sided glass + metal middle frame design, the front of the fuselage uses a 5.84-inch shaped full-screen, resolution of 2280 × 1080, supports HDR10 standard, according to The ambient light condition automatically calibrates the color temperature. Available in two colors, blue and grey.

Nokia 7.1.jpg

Configuration, Nokia 7.1 equipped with the Snapdragon 636 processing chip, equipped with 3/4GB running memory +32/64GB body storage, maximum support for 400GB Micro SD card expansion. Built-in 3060mAh capacity battery, support fast charge, the official claim that 30 minutes can be charged 50%, support dual card, run Android One system. In terms of photography, Nokia 7.1 uses 12 million + 5 million pixels rear dual camera, and the front lens is 8 million pixels.

nokia new.jpg

In terms of price, Nokia 7.1 starts at 349 US dollars, about 2396 yuan. How do you think Nokia is releasing a new machine overseas?

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