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OPPO Will Establish R&D Center In India
Oct 04, 2018

Charles Wong, president of OPPO India, said, “We are committed to providing a unique experience for Indian consumers through our innovative and technological capabilities. Our opening of the first R&D center in Hyderabad is Take a step in this direction and strengthen our commitment to Indian consumers."


OPPO establishes its first R&D center in India, second only to domestic

Taslim Arif, vice president of OPPO India and head of the R&D center, will lead the R&D center team, which will focus on software localization and equipment quality improvement for Indian consumers.


Prior to joining OPPO, Taslim Arif worked for Samsung Electronics as the head of Samsung India R&D and Indian hardware and software product planning. He is the head of the R&D center and will bring OPPO nearly 15 years of experience in mobile software, design and development.


Charles Huang said, "We are very happy to join Taslim Arif. I believe that with his expertise, we will be able to build a strong R&D team and make this center the second largest in our country. R&D Center.” This research and development center in Hyderabad will be the seventh center of OPPO in the world, and the other six in China, Japan and the United States. ”

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