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Lenovo Z5 Pro: Equipped With Screen Fingerprint
Sep 30, 2018

In the interview section of Lenovo Innovation and Technology Conference 2018, Liu Jun showed the media a comprehensive screen new machine, which is said to be the Lenovo Z5 Pro previously exposed. As can be seen from the scene map, the machine canceled the front camera, the sides and the bottom frame are almost invisible, with a super high screen ratio, the visual effect is quite shocking.


According to previous exposures, Lenovo Z5 Pro will use a larger display than the Lenovo Z5, and will support the screen fingerprint recognition function. Other specific parameters, but also waiting for Lenovo official exposure.

Lenovo z5.jpg

Previously, glory Magic 2, Xiaomi MIX3 all announced that it will be released in October, and Lenovo, which has always been vying for speed, will also release a new machine in October. What do you think of the new generation of slide-type full screen?

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