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IPhone XS/XS Max Bad Signal : Apple Finally Solved
Oct 05, 2018

However, with the launch of two new machines, a large number of posts with poor 4G signal and Wi-Fi reception were found in Apple's official support forum, MacRumors community and Reddit, and many fruit powders were supported. This is also the most concentrated outbreak of iPhone signal problems since the iPhone 4 "antenna door".

Some users said that the signal of the new iPhone is not as good as the old iPhone, and some people complain that the speed of the Internet is slow. Some people even say that it is still not a thousand yuan. But in the end is the Intel baseband pot, or Apple software optimization is not to force, there are different opinions.

According to foreign media Appleinsider, Apple is currently in contact with some iPhone XS, XS Max users who have encountered signal problems, and track in real time to find the root cause of the problem.

Some foreign netizens broke the news on social networks, and Apple asked for advice on whether to install a baseband recorder on their iPhone XS Max to track network connections.

It is also worth mentioning that the latest update of iOS 12.1 beta 2 has upgraded the baseband firmware version of the iPhone from 1.01.12 to 1.01.20-1 in beta 1. It is not clear whether it will cause signal problems. improve.

However, from the current situation, at least Apple is already investigating and following up. In the future, it is likely to improve the signal and network performance of iPhone XS and XS Max through software updates.

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