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IPhone X Wantscounterattack Market With A New Color
Mar 27, 2018

Now foreign media MacOtakara brought a message, they said that Apple is preparing to launch a new color to stimulate iPhone X sales. However, given too few messages, it is unclear what kind of color match and there is no specific listing date.

new color.jpg

Apple will soon hold a press conference and there will be a large number of new products coming on stage. Do not rule out this new color scheme will be announced together.

After Apple iPhone X went public this year, it was in short supply, but analysts recently lowered the sales expectation of this phone, which means that the market outlook is not strong enough. It may be the means used by Apple to improve this situation. After all, it seems that the two iPhone X colors commercially available on Apple's market are a bit small and it is difficult for consumers to raise interest.

However, there is no evidence that this new color scheme must be a bonus, and that @Onleaks has also revealed that Apple is preparing a Chinese red color scheme, but there is no clear evidence. Even industry sources have revealed that Apple has begun mass production of new color combinations. If there are no accidents, new colors may be available for sale within two months.

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