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Huawei's New Mobile Phone Design Exposure
Jul 20, 2018

In order to further increase the screen ratio, there are several different approaches in the industry. The iPhone X first adopted the alien shaped Liu Haiping. The nut R1 adopts the “beauty tip” shaped screen design. The previous period, the vivo NEX and the OPPO Find X, took the lead in achieving the ultimate full screen experience with the help of the mechanical pop-up structure. Recently, it has been exposed that Huawei is also planning new adjustments for comprehensive screen design.

huaway charger bulk.jpg

According to the Korean media ETNews report, industry insiders said that Huawei is developing a design that can improve the front display area and remove the bangs. From the exposure diagram, the earpiece and part of the sensor remain in the extremely narrow top forehead position, and the camera appears to be placed in the screen opening directly below the earpiece, surrounded by the screen on all four sides.

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Aside from the strange appearance in the demo, the adaptation of the UI is also a confusing question, so the possibility of the final formation of this so-called Huawei program is really doubtful. It may be just Huawei's screen camera. A conceptual solution to the transition, unless there are other hardcore technologies that are not shown.

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In addition, foreign media reports also mentioned that the aircraft uses a 6.39-inch display, and may be launched in the fourth quarter of this year. So everyone thinks, how about Huawei's new exposure to this comprehensive screen solution?

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