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Huawei Mate20 Pro May Support Underwater Photography
Sep 20, 2018

Judging from the spy photos of the exposure, it was confirmed that the Mate20 Pro will be equipped with the surface bangs screen. Thanks to the design of the curved screen, the sides of the Mate20 Pro are almost invisible, and the width of the bangs and chin is also very good, and overall it has a good screen ratio.

huawei mate20pro 2.jpg

On the back of the fuselage, Huawei's Mate20 series uses a three-camera and flash square layout design language, which is the first time the Mate series uses a three-camera design. In terms of taking photos, XDA excavated some of the camera features of the Mate20 series in the process of unpacking EMUI9.0. Including AI camera and AI smart zoom function, it is worth mentioning that the Mate20 series will support underwater mode.

huawei mate20pro.jpg

According to XDA's code in parsing EMUI 9.0, this underwater mode can help users "shoot clear photos in underwater environments." The user can control the photo taking process through the external buttons of the phone. In addition, an image of the underwater mode was found in the developer mode. The image shows that Huawei may customize the exclusive phone case for the underwater mode.

freebuds2 pro.jpg

In addition to the spy photos of Huawei Mate 20 Pro, the company also exposed Huawei's new generation of true wireless headset FreeBuds 2 Pro. The magical thing about this wireless headset is that it can be charged not only by the wireless charging pad, but also by the Mate 20 itself.

According to previous exposure news, Huawei Mate20 series will be equipped with Kirin 980 processing chip, with powerful AI function, fully upgraded three-camera module, 40W fast charging technology and dual-card dual VoLTE function, while Mate20 Pro is expected to carry structure Light technology can be said to be an all-round upgrade from appearance to configuration. The pricing of this series is also expected to hit the new height of domestic mobile phones. What do you think will be the starting price of the Mate20 series?

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