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How Fast Is 5G? When Can We Use 5G
Jul 19, 2018

Recently, Qualcomm's network simulation experiment in San Francisco gave the answer. The average downlink rate of the 5G network reached 1.4 Gbps, which is nearly 20 times the gain of the 71 Mbps average rate of the 4G network, and the delay average is also 115 milliseconds. Down to 4.9 milliseconds, the response speed is nearly 23 times.


Compared to 4G, it is obvious that 5G is fast, so what changes will be made to our life? Generally speaking, it will be reflected in the three levels of high speed, large capacity and low latency.

High rate: The theoretical peak value of 5G will be 50-100 times that of 4G network, which can guarantee the experience of mobile office and instant meeting, and also meet the high-resolution media transmission requirements such as 4K and VR. The immersive VR live broadcast is possible.

Large capacity: The capacity of 5G network will increase by dozens of times compared with now. This means that in the hard-hit area of users with extremely high user density, even if tens of thousands of people concentrate on communication, 5G can meet everyone's demand for high-speed network. There will be a signal but not the net.

Low latency: 5G networks have latency as low as 1 millisecond, and lower latency means more timely response. This feature is significant for scenarios such as driverlessness and emergency handling. When 5G technology is used, due to the extremely low delay, the most timely communication between the car and the car can be used to actively plan the driving route, which is more intelligent and safe.

In addition, according to the information disclosed by Qualcomm, mobile phone manufacturers including OPPO, vivo, and one plus are currently working with Qualcomm on 5G, and it is expected to launch the first 5G mobile phone in the second half of next year. In terms of 5G communication technology, according to China Unicom's plan, next year is only pre-commercial, and it will be commercialized in 2020. So friends who have a replacement plan can rest assured.

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