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Glory Magic 2 New Technology: Support Dual Card Dual-pass Dual VoLTE
Sep 29, 2018

The main problem solved by the dual-card dual-pass dual VoLTE function is that one of the cards is in a VoLTE call (calling on a 4G network), and the other card can still answer the call. When one of the cards is in a call, the other card can be connected to the Internet at the same time without interfering with each other. It solves the problem of multiple pain points such as double-card mobile phone users missing the call and answering the phone game.

huawei honor magic 2.jpg

In addition, glory Magic 2 also exposed a number of black technology blessings, including the Kirin 980 processing chip with 7nm process technology, a major breakthrough in AI performance, support for under-screen fingerprint recognition technology, support for a new generation of super fast charge The use of graphene materials, etc., and the upcoming Huawei Mate 20, this new machine has not yet appeared to attract a lot of attention.

As Huawei's Mate 20 series will be the world's first Kirin 980 processor, the release of Glory Magic 2 will be scheduled to be released after October 16 and may be officially released at the end of October. Glory Magic 2 will also be equipped with what kind of black technology, let us wait and see!

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