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Why is iPhone X always considered the best phone?
Oct 06, 2018

However, the final data will always come out, and Apple remains in an unbeaten position in the market. For example, a mobile phone such as the iPhone X is really too much to be released until now, but after the announcement of the sales data list, it will always occupy the front row, and the profit will sweep the entire industry by 35%.


So, why is the iPhone X always considered to be the best mobile phone? In my opinion, the reasons may be as follows:


Apple's iPhone brand image is perfect, and it can be recognized by the market no matter how bad the design is. Nowadays, as long as Apple's iPhone is mentioned, many people think that this is the best mobile phone. Because of this, even if new technologies appear in Android, most people feel that it is impossible to surpass the iPhone.


The second point is because Apple's iPhone really has a great experience. Even oppo findx, mobile phones such as vivo nex have new thinking about comprehensive screen design, but many people still think that only the iPhone can guide the trend. This is mainly because the iPhone does have a better experience, not a lack of design.


The third point is because Apple's leadership position in the entire industry and the ability to control the supply chain is very strong, with the role of a weather vane. Many people have Apple's iPhone design as the benchmark for the next generation of flagship mobile phone design, which is why this year's domestic mobile phones are collectively paying tribute to the iPhone X, because the smart phone industry is pursuing such a sentence - it is absolutely correct to follow the iPhone. As long as you learn to follow the iPhone, you can definitely sell well.


In your opinion, why is the iPhoneX still considered to be the best mobile phone after the current Android phone is released frequently?

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