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Why 1 plus 6T cancel the headphone jack: screen fingerprint confirmation
Oct 04, 2018

In an interview with foreign media CNET, Liu Zuohu said that the elimination of the earphone hole is one of the most difficult decisions made by the team. He explained that it was one of the reasons to make room for fingerprint recognition (called "Screen Unlock").


However, Liu Zuohu also believes that once the user personally experiences the screen unlocking, he will forget the dissatisfaction caused by the interface problem.

Liu Zuohu also said that he does not have a cold on the waterproof phone. He said that in fact, not many users will take their mobile phones to swim; it is "unreasonable" to add a waterproof function to the mobile phone for a small number of users, and then raise the price by about $30.


One plus official has not yet announced the price of a 6T mobile phone, but foreign media said that the upgrade brought by the screen fingerprint reader may make the machine more expensive than the one plus 6 dollars (about 137 yuan).1+6T.jpg

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