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One plus 6T real machine appeared TV commercial: screen fingerprint + vertical double camera
Sep 26, 2018

According to the real machine exposed in the advertisement, one plus 6T cancels the rear fingerprint recognition. Regrettably, it has been rumored that the three shots carried on one plus 6T did not appear, and it is still the design of the rear double shot. Combined with the previous exposure news, a plus 6T front will use a water drop screen design to support the screen fingerprint unlock, the back of the fuselage and a plus 6 not much change.

one plus.jpg

In terms of configuration, one plus 6T should continue the configuration of the flagship machine, equipped with the Snapdragon 845 processor and equipped with up to 8G of running memory. According to the previous official screen of the new machine lock screen, one plus 6T is expected to be released on October 17, but the official has not confirmed the news.

one plus 6t.jpg

In terms of price, according to T-mobile, the seller of one plus mobile phone in the United States, one plus 6T is expected to start at $550, or about RMB 3,775, which should be relatively lower in China. How do you feel about adding 6T?


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