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iPhone XS/XS Max battery life testing
Sep 26, 2018

Compared with the Android camp, XS/Max leads HTC U12+ (3500mAh), LG G7 ThinQ (3000mAh), etc., but it is behind the one plus 6, Samsung Note 9 and so on. In the database, Huawei P20 Pro won the world in 14 hours and 13 minutes.
Iphone xs max battery info.jpgIt is reported that the dismantling found that the iPhone XS is equipped with a 2659mAh L-shaped integrated battery this year, the XS Max is a 3179mAh L-shaped split battery, and last year's iPhone X was 2716mAh.

Left: iPhone XS Right: iPhone XS Max
IPhonexs.jpgIn contrast, Apple gave the XS official surfing time of 12 hours, XS Max is 13 hours. Of course, due to different test environments and conditions, the reference meaning is not very large. In general, the size of the battery capacity is still the most important and accurate measure of mobile phone life.

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