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Gartner Announces Q2 Global Data: Huawei's Second Sales, Surpasses Apple
Sep 04, 2018

Specific to the major brands, Samsung sold 72.33 million units still ranked first in the world, winning 19.3% of the global market, a significant decline in sales compared to last year. Huawei surpassed Apple in ranking second, with sales in the second quarter of approximately 49.84 million units up 38.6% year-on-year, and market share increasing from 9.8% last year to 13.3%. Apple ranked third, sales data has not changed much.


It should be noted that Gartner's statistics on Huawei have merged the data of sub-brand glory. They said that the strong sea-going strategy of glory has become the engine of growth of Huawei mobile phones. Ranked fourth in TOP5 is Xiaomi, sales increased by 55% year-on-year, and the share increased from 5.8% to 8.8%. OPPO ranked fifth, with a slight increase in sales year-on-year.

In addition, Gartner also released sales data for the two major operating systems. The total sales of Android phones in the second quarter was close to 330 million units, which took 88% of the market share, while iOS scored 11.9.

Overall, the performance of several major domestic mobile phones in the second quarter was quite good, especially Huawei and Xiaomi. The former succeeded in surpassing Apple in the top two in the world through the outstanding performance of glory in the first half, while the latter relied on its market in China and India. Outstanding performance returned to the top four in the world. What are the performances of the major mobile phone manufacturers in Q3 and Q4? We will wait and see.

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